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Viktor Appolonov

Expert in testing hemostatic tourniquets TQ EXPERT

After a relatively long period of studying a candidate for hemostatic tourniquets, I want to recommend a tourniquet from the manufacturer Yellow&Blue.Engineering and practical studies were carried out under ultrasound control, on a group of volunteers (9 people) of different genders and limb sizes.The tourniquet is a tool built on the basis of the American hemostatic tourniquet SOFTT-W.At the same time, the design was significantly improved, which made it a separate, unique product.Design improvements allowed for improved turnstile performance compared to the SOFTT-W Gen 5 under the same usage scenarios. Namely: lower extremity, tightening of the first round on the outer side of the thigh.Like SOFTT-W Gen 5, Yellow&Blue remains particularly sensitive to the quality of the first round. But, due to the two-dimensional sling, the force that needs to be applied to the turnbuckle to achieve the required overlap pressure is reduced. It also had a positive effect on the possibility of starting the first half-turn of the turn, which is critical in the case of self-help with one, upper limb when overlapping the lower.On complex lower limbs, the number of rotations of the loop before achieving occlusion of the main vessels is 5 half-turns. At the same time, the possibility of adequate fixation of the turnstile collar remains.The fittings are completely metal, which prevents the tool from breaking under the influence of high pressure levels. The use of a wide sling has a positive effect on the level of secondary injuries.When applied to a limb in clothes or to bare skin, there are no critical pinches of any kind, which can lead to disruption of the blood supply to the injured areas and their subsequent necrotization.



Head of the Union of Paramedics of Ukraine
emergency medicine doctor. Management specialist in the security system


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