Yellow and Blue tourniquet harness structure


● 1. Aluminum handle with comfortable overlays.

● 2. Fixing agent for the handle.

● 3. The red triangle is an indicator of the control of the first round.

● 4. Welded steel locking triangle.

5. Steel hook for fixing the buckle.

 6.A metal buckle with a one-way slide that has a hard locking effect.

● 7. Belt tape made of polyamide material with high tensile strength.

 8. Time-tag for convenient recording of overlay time

Anatomy of a Yellow and Blue tourniquet harness


01 Aluminum handle

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, it was possible to significantly strengthen the structure of the turnstile harness.
And this is a sign that our product has become more reliable.
All tests prove that our technology is reliable and durable.


02 Updated latch

Works great in conjunction with a locking triangle. Makes it impossible for the spindle to move freely in the working position during compression.
It can also be used as a temporary fixator when it is necessary to intercept the ball.
In the third option, it can be used as a permanent fixator without using a triangle, but in this case it is necessary to wrap the free edge of the tape around it and the knot under the collar.


03 Tightening indicator

If the red triangle is not visible and is under the rear platform of the tourniquet harness, it means that you have completed the first round and you can start turning the turnbuckle.


04 Locking triangle

The welded steel locking triangle ensures a stable fixation of the loop, and makes it impossible to relax the pressure after the 2nd round.


05 Strong hook

This hook is designed to prevent the buckle from unfastening.
We tested a large number of all possible technologies, but this principle of operation turned out to be the most reliable.


06 Metal buckle

Thanks to the technology of one-way sliding, it was possible to get rid of the arbitrary movement of the compression tape. Thanks to its reliable design, the buckle does not allow the pressure of the tourniquet harness to be relaxed.


07 Belt for compression

A reliable tape, with a personal type of weaving, which guarantees a strong compression during the use of a tourniquet harness. This tape allows for smooth sliding through the buckle, and prevents the tourniquet harness from loosening the pressure force during application.


08 Time - tag

The time tag, created for convenient recording of the time of applying the tourniquet to the limb, is an integral element of this product. The time of overlay is one of the important and consistent elements in overlay.


09 Dimensions and fittings

According to the philosophy of our company - to produce really high-quality and reliable medical products.
In principle, this tourniquet harness does not have any plastic part of the fittings, we use only metal!
however, we managed to make this tourniquet harness weigh just 120 grams, a whopping 24 grams less than the SOFTT-Wide Gen4
(144 grams).
The overall dimensions of the Yellow and Blue tourniquet harness are as follows:
Length 100 cm
The width of the plot is 5 cm
The length of the plate is 19 cm
The width of the tension tape is 38 mm
The length of the collar
13 cm

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